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There's a lot more to video game voice overs than a lot of people realize. Who can forget the great Dennis Hopper's distinctive tones in 'Grand Theft Auto?' No, you're not delusional, that really was his voice! You might not have the budget to hire a movie star for your video game voice over, but you don?t have to settle for second best either. Our voice actors have true star quality and every single one of them is 100% professional. Don't let a weak sound-track spoil your great game. What you need are skilled video game voice over actors to add the finishing touch that brings your game to life. Would you like someone who sounds like Victor Reznov in 'Call of Duty'? What about Lena Headley's star performance in 'Dishonoured'? Voice overs for video games should add a touch of reality and immediacy for gamers, and our video game voice over selection includes all the voices you're looking for. Would you like to offer gamers a variety of language choices? We can help, and we'll get the job done expertly and at the best prices the industry has to offer.