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Inka Auhagen – singer songwriter, speaker & actress is a professional on the mic – in the studio and on stage, with a long experience in studios all over the world. Inka grew up in Helsinki, Finland and later in Germany - in international surroundings - as her mother is a tv journalist and her father a musician. So, her motherlanguages are both german and pure Helsinki-finnish - which is important because there are lots of dialects in Finland. Her multicultural life has offered this voice-artist a huge experience and recordings in sofar 10 languages. Inka lives in Cologne, Germany, working on stage and in studios as singer, actress and songwriter. She works concentrated, precise and professional - always creative.
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$ 250,00
Starting Prices / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 24 Hours

artiste voix-off trilingue (arabe, français, anglais), réalistrice télé, écrivain francophone

$ 75,00
Starting Prices / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 24 Hours

I am a Voice over Artist from India, and I have been so for the past nine years. Voicing is both,my passion as well as my means of a livelihood. I love music, and my favorite pastime is spending my free time with my children, and listening to music, and singing too.
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$ 50,00
Starting Prices / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 24 Hours

Merhaba, Yedi yaşında TRT Radyosu'na girdim. On beş yıllık seslendirme hizmetimden sonra 2008'de özel radyoculuğa adım attım. 2015'ten bu yana Karnaval Media Grup'ta haber spikerliği, radyo programcılığı ve seslendirme yapıyorum. Aynı grup bünyesinde yer alan JOY FM'de iki buçuk yıl program yaptıktan sonra, artık hafta içi 16.00-18.00 arası METRO FM'deyim. Uzun yıllardır birçok ulusal ve lokal markaya seslendirme hizmeti veriyorum.
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Hello. I am a wife and mother of two wonderful, happy children. We love to travel together and do outdoor activities. We have two very lovely cats that make us laugh everyday. As a voice actor, I enjoy recording projects for clients. Corporate narration and Elearning are two of my specialities. In my audiobook narration, I look forward to creating characters and giving them their own voice and personality. I currently have 13 audiobooks available through Audible dot com.
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$ 40,00
Starting Prices / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 1 Hours

Gale Van Cott is The Voice You Want! No matter the genre, I’ll get to the HEART of the matter. Warm, friendly & conversational…upbeat & energetic…or a bit of natural authority and gravitas… PLUS tons of characters/accents/ages, all with emotional truth. Superb Storyteller! 1000's of bookings for 1000's of clients, including the Getty Museum, Lexus, AT&T, American Express, the American Stock Exchange, Revlon, HBO, Merrill Lynch, New York Life, Corning, Merck, the Prudential, Six Flags, IBM, MetLife, BMW, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Starwood Resorts, Citibank, Bioslim, Power 90, Honda, Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays, TriVita, Microsoft, Hilton, UPS, Visa, Fidelity, and many, many more… 20+ years of major market voiceover experience in N.Y. & L.A. Versatile, directable, easy to work with. Top quality home studio (Phone patch/Source Connect/ipDTL/Skype sessions available for direction). Available on short notice, fast turnaround. $ flexible – will work with your budget. Dialects: British, US Southern, New York (native), Asian, Spanish/Latina, African-American, Russian, French, Irish, Italian, German, etc. (plus limited Spanish and French Language for Bilingual IVR) Not just another pretty voice, but a consummate actress, with scores of credits from film and TV, I’ll embody the character you want like nobody else. Experienced in Voiceovers for: TV Commercials (national, regional, local), Radio voiceovers, Corporate Narrations & Training, Educational & E-Learning, Website voice overs & Explainers, Documentaries, Museum tours, Messages on Hold, MOH, IVR, PBX, Voicemail greetings, Phone prompts, Direct response & infomercials, Retail, Soft-sell, Hard-sell, Car spots, Medical, Political, Technical, Legal, Real Estate Tours, Travel guides, Animation, VideoGame voices, Character Work, Audiobooks, Children's books, Radio Station Imaging, TV Promos & Movie Trailers, Film & Television
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$ 40,00
Starting Prices / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 2 Hours

Seslendirmen.. 8 yıldır bu sektörde profesyonel olarak hizmet veriyorum.. Projelerinize ses vermek için buradayım..
$ 30,00
Starting Prices / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 24 Hours

I am a professional voice talent with her own home recording setup in Lebanon. Check out my online voice portfolio below. I am fluent in Arabic, French, and English. I can also do transcription.

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$ 100,00
Starting Prices / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 24 Hours

Hi! I'm Valerie, a Parisian speaking English and Italian:) Born and raised in Paris, France, I lived 2 years in Vancouver, BC. My voice is sweet, sensual, bubbly, also smooth, seductive, excited, fast, slow, sad, happy, calm. I can record in French or English with a French strong accent or a lighter one ;-) You must know I love what I do! -> voiceover, voicemail, IVR, commercials, testimonials, narrations, explainer videos...anything!
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$ 60,00
Starting Prices / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 24 Hours

10 yıl boyunca kendi prova & kayıt & prodüksyon stüdyomu işlettim ve solist olarak bir çok organizasyonda yer aldım. 2013 yılında Arpej Yapım etiketiyle tüm söz, müzik ve düzenlemeleri bana ait olan "Melix" isimli ilk solo albümümü yayınladım. Müzik ve seslendirme kayıtlarıma kendi home studio'mda devam etmekteyim.

PROFESYONEL HEDEF: Seslendirme sanatının her dalında(şarkı söylemek dahil) profesyonel olarak yer almak.

DENEYİM ve BECERİLER: Seslendirme ve ses sanatçılığı.

Eğitim Cd'si Seslendirme.

Kurumsal seslendirme.

Call center, tiyatral seslendirme.

Reklam ve tanıtım seslendirme.

Müzikal & jingle seslendirme.

Ses taklit yeteneği.

Şarkı söyleme.

Söz ve metin yazarlığı.



Çalışma ve iş disiplinine sahip olma.

İŞ DENEYİMİ: -Ericsson Call Center Seslendirme.

-Superonline Kurumsal Seslendirme.

-Özel sektör Tanıtım & Reklam Seslendirme.

-Çocuk tiyatrosu seslendirme.

-Radyo Programcılığı.

-Arpej Yapım - Müzik Albümü - Melis Balcılar/Melix

-Studyo Fanus Prova ve Kayıt Stüdyoları / Yönetici


-İngilizce Öğretmenliği.

-Gösteri ve Sahne Sanatları.

EĞİTİM: Haliç Üniversitesi/Amerikan Kültürü ve Edebiyatı

Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi/İngilizce Öğretmenliği Formasyon
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$ 30,00
Starting Prices / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 10 Hours

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Female young adults are mature and eager, looking to lead and succeed. A young woman voice over artist is the ideal voice for your project if you want to gain trust and respect. Young women can lead with their tone, making the viewer confide in the message. Young women are motivated, inspired, and looking to change the world. Using a young woman voice over artist is a great way to gain trust in your viewership. A young woman is a universal voice, calm and soothing and able to convey a message to any kind of viewer. Young women don?t just work well to other young women. Their voices will resonate with viewers young and old, male and female. With more than 100,000 professional voice over artists in our global database, finding the right young woman to work with is easier than ever. If a global audience is what you are looking for, you?ve come to the right place. We have professional female voice over artists in over 50 languages that can help you and your brand reach the world. Working with a young female adult voice over artist will make your project marketable and engaging, attracting viewers and earning trust with every spoken word.