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Inka Auhagen – singer songwriter, speaker & actress is a professional on the mic – in the studio and on stage, with a long experience in studios all over the world. Inka grew up in Helsinki, Finland and later in Germany - in international surroundings - as her mother is a tv journalist and her father a musician. So, her motherlanguages are both german and pure Helsinki-finnish - which is important because there are lots of dialects in Finland. Her multicultural life has offered this voice-artist a huge experience and recordings in sofar 10 languages. Inka lives in Cologne, Germany, working on stage and in studios as singer, actress and songwriter. She works concentrated, precise and professional - always creative.
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$ 250,00
Starting Price / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 24 Hours
I am a Finnish full-time professional voice actor. Deep, expressive, persuasive, memorable. My skills also make me very versatile, from ultra-low to high midrange voices. I can also provide different characters. You may hear me in commercials, e-learning, corporate videos, documents, phone systems, announcements. To name a few of my clients: Google, Castrol, FedEx, BRP, European Commission (EC), Silja Line, Western Union, Deichmann.
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$ 50,00
Starting Price / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 8 Hours
I have a long and versatile background in the field, from a singing career to voice overs, composing and audio restoration.
I am a regular voice of Spotify, Nick Jr channel and Huawei customer service line in Finland.
In addition to different medias you can hear my voice also on over 60 commercial releases by several big and small record labels.

I run an audio production company and own a fully equipped, state of the art recording studio along with two vocal booths, conveniently located 15 meters from my house. So you can rest assured the recording goes through a proper
signal chain in treated facilities.

I can perform the recordings in my native Finnish, or fluent, trans-atlantic English - which is often preferred for fresh and youthful international campaigns.
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$ 500,00
Starting Price / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 24 Hours
A voice over artist and host with 100+ speaking gigs per year
$ 19,50
Starting Price / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 2 day(s)
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