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  1. What is VoiceBros?
  2. The world's most comprehensive and affordable platform to quickly connect to thousands of professional voiceover artists from many different language backgrounds. Certain dialects are also available in our voice artist catalogue. The VoiceBros site provides never-seen-before speed and affordability for such a wide range of audio options.
  3. How does it work?
    • Selecting a voiceover artist: Browse through the voice-over artist database, listen to artists' audio samples, and choose the best fit for your project by clicking on the “Book This Voice Artist” button.
    • Submit your script and get started: Use our Project Form to submit your script, project specifications and other details to the voiceover artist you selected.
    • Obtaining and accepting your audio file: Preview your ready-to-use audio file which has passed our sound engineers' quality control standards; at this point you may request revisions. Upon satisfactory completion of the project click the “Accept” button to download your project's audio file. If, for any reason, an audio file does not meet the required standards you may click the “Reject” button to acquire a refund for the retained project fees.
  4. How can I earn money with my voice?
  5. If you believe you have a marketable voice, create an account and log into our database to start earning money. After you have provided us with a sample of your voice our sound engineers will analyze and decide whether your voice fits our criteria and you will be contacted promptly.
  6. How broad of an audience might my voice reach?
  7. Your voice, thanks to the internet, has the potential to be heard all over the world.
  8. I'm not receiving much work, why?
  9. The quality of your voice, the quality of your audio file submissions and your price/performance ratios are important factors that clients consider when choosing a voice artist.
  10. How do I get a high quality audio recording?
    For your audio file to be acceptable, your recording must meet the following conditions:
    • The audio file you upload must be configured to .wav in mono, 44.100 & 48.000 kHz, 16bit & 24bit (Audio files that do not meet these configurations will not be accepted)
    • Make sure to maintain an appropriate distance between yourself and the microphone
    • Ensure that your signal levels stay around the -3dB Peak
    • The audio file must be easy to edit (the text should be well enunciated with appropriate pauses)
    • There should be no echoes coming from your working environment
    • There shouldn’t be any distortion and/or clipping
    • There shouldn't be any disruptions in the audio file ( i.e. tapping, popping, clicking, etc)
    • There should not be more that a 0.5 second pause after beginning or before ending the recording
    • We recommend that you DO NOT use any recording effects on your audio files ( i.e. noise reduction plugins, limiter plugins, EQ etc.)
    • You should NOT use audio compressors or limiters
    • All audio files must be recorded on professional, high quality, recording equipment
    • Keep the breathing noises to an absolute minimum
    • There shouldn't be any noises coming from the movement of the mouth
    • There shouldn't be any hissing, buzzing or static on the audio file
    • There shouldn't be any background noises heard on the audio file (i.e. cars, human voices, page turning etc.)
  11. What kind of equipment do i need?
    You need 3 things: a microphone, a recording device and, the most importantly, a recording studio.
    • It is important that your use a professional quality microphone; there is a range of suitable, brand name microphones available at many price points.
    • You may use recording equipment or a computer with a high quality sound card to record your audio files. It is important to ensure that you are able to record audio in .wav format.
    • Your studio will be your most important piece of equipment. A YouTube search can guide you through the building of a studio using affordable building materials. There are also studios which can be rented on a pay-per-use basis. Please ensure, for any studio option your are considering, that there will be no buzzing or static sounds which may lower the quality of your recording.
  12. What is voice recording format?
  13. The demo file you upload to be used in our catalogue can be *.mp3 or *.wav, 16kbps, mono or stereo format but audio files which you will submit for delivery to clients must be uncompressed *.wav, mono, 44.100 & 48.000 kHz, 16 bit.
  14. How can I judge the quality of my recording?
  15. The best way to understand a voice of high quality is listening to it with qualified earphones (preferably reference earphones) in a silent environment. This way you can distinguish bottom voices, distortions, wrong pronunciations or tinkles.
  16. What if I don't like the work done for me?
  17. If you don't like how your project turned out, you may click on the reject button and submit a reason for your dissatisfaction. You will receive a full refund within 3 business day.
  18. Why is speed important?
  19. Each project is priced on a 65% artist commission, 35% service fee basis. A voice artist earns their full 65% commission on all projects submitted within the specified time frame. When a project misses its submission deadline the voice artist's commission begins to grow smaller. After a 24 hour submission delay, the voice artist's commission will have been reduced from 65% to 50%. You can better understand the payment structure from the tables provided below.
  20. Will my work ever go unpaid?
  21. No, never. Even if a project you submitted is canceled, voice artists of VoiceBros-approved projects will always earn a minimum of 40% of the quoted project price up to a maximum of $300USD.
Voice Artist
Artist's Commission
Audio file from Artist within the specified time Submitted Approved Approved 65%
Audio file from Artist within the specified time Submitted Approved Denied with justification 40% (Max. $300 USD)
Audio file from Artist within the specified time Delivery was not possible - Cancelled 0%
Audio file from Artist within the specified time Submitted Denied with justification - 0%
Submitted 24hours after the specified deadline Submitted Approved Approved 50%
Submitted 24hours after the specified deadline Submitted Approved Denied with justification 40% (Max. $300 USD)
Submitted 24hours after the specified deadline Delivery was not possible - Cancelled 0%
Submitted 24hours after the specified deadline Submitted Denied with justification - 0%