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Working in the Israeli media for almost 2 decades, with many years of experience as a news presentor and jingle producer. Also working as a narration teacher in Tel Aviv.
$ 81,25
Starting At / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 2 days

קריינית ומדבבת מקצועית, מאוד מנוסה ורב גונית, דוברת עברית ואנגלית. טלוויזיה, רדיו, פרסומות, פרומואים, תוכניות, מענים קוליים, סלולר, אינטרנט ועוד ............................................................................................ I'm a very experienced and versatile Voice Over Talent. TV, radio, web, cellular, IVR, commercials, promos, shows and more.
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$ 1.388,75
Starting At / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 2 days

Over 16 years in the voice over and dubbing industry. Over 1000hrs of voice over in Hebrew, English and French. Speaks fluent Hebrew, English and French. Notable Roles: Nickelodeon and Disney Channels: (Hebrew) Littlest Pet Shop (2013-present) (Blythe; Buttercup) Monster High- (2013-present)- Draculaura Beyblade- (2011-present)- Madoka Monsters vs Aliens (2009)- Candy Planet 51 (2009)- Chorus Harry Potter and the Half- Blooded Prince (2009)- Lavender Brown Tinker bell (2008)- Phawn Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009)- Phawn Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010)- Phawn Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings (2012)- Phawn Tinker Bell: The Pirate Fairy (2014)- Phawn Camp Rock- the movie (2010) (Theresa Tyler), Moster High: 13 Wishes- TV movie (2013)- Draculaura
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$ 62,50
Starting At / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 2 days

Studio artist (voice over and singer) for over 20 years. Freelance Voice over artist and dubbing for most of the dubbing studios is Israel. My recent voice over jobs - Spotify OK Cupid Waze Kimberly Clark Blue Nun Champaign Union Bank of Israel And more Visit my website for more info and audio/video -
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$ 76,25
Starting At / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 2 days

I have been producing and narrating videos for more than 10 years, serving small businesses, NGOs and large enterprises. I am always happy to provide narration and voice acting services also using other accents.
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$ 18,75
Starting At / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 24 Hours

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