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I've been a professional voice over talent for more than 20 years.
$ 300,00
Starting At / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 24 Hours

I made very much hungarian TVC and radio spot - for example Mc'Donalds,, Vodafone, Algoflex-M, Quamatel mini - Richter, Gravida - Richter, and Iam the hungarian voice of O.B.
$ 285,00
Starting At / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 2 days

I'm a 40 year old east European , Hungarian, voice. Video narrations, and do commercials, movie trailers, and documentaries. Working in Hungary at my studio.
$ 18,75
Starting At / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 2 days

39 éves budapesti színész vagyok, 15 éve foglalkozom hangmunkákkal. Jelenleg a SPÍLER TV, magyar, országos sport tv station voice-aként dolgozom/PL,MOTOGP,NHL/ Napi szinten szinkronizálok sorozatokban, mozi/TV filmekben, Tv/radio reklámokban-ErsteBank,Vichy,Lidl,AUDI,E-ON..- Széleskörű tapasztalatokat szereztem webvideok, kisfilmek,vállalati filmek,telefonos hangbejelentkezések, válaszok felvételében is. Technikai segítségem minden projekthez adott, általában munkanapokon 24-48 órán belül tudok megrendeléseket teljesíteni, a munka specifikusságától függően. A feltüntetett árak iránymutatóak, a konkrét megrendelő cég, a projekt elérése, médiában való megjelenése, a felhasználási idő tekintetében változhatnak,külön megállapodást igényelhetnek.
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$ 275,00
Starting At / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 2 days

Mark is a pro actor and voice over artist in Hungary. He is a versatile performer, during his career he has brought several unique character to life in movies, cartoons, games and on stage. His voice is warm, intelligent, thrustworty with a little bit of cool tough guy feeling. Ideal for narrations to everyone, commercials, e-learning, movie or other promos, corporate videos, presentations. And with his beliveably played characters the possibilities are infinite. He started as a child actor, after that he studied theater and filming under award winner stage and film directors, actors in Hungary. He's got many years of experience in commercial works, adr, dubbing, narrating and making of audiobooks. Mark is station voice at several tv and radio stations, he is the voice of the Hungarian National Gallery and he made hundreds of commercials, dozens of audiobooks/audioguides and voice acting such companies like Disney, National Geographic, Universal, 20th Fox, Paramount...
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$ 120,00
Starting At / VAT not included / Max. Turnaround Time : 2 days

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