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25-40 Years Nice, Kind & Cool Voice. European & LatAm Spanish accent.
Contact me via phone +52 33 1026 3814 (México), [email protected] or through my website


Commercial gigs, a documentary narrator, e-learning trainer, corporate narration... Well, I can be your man, your close friend with an irreverent spark, or your trusted teacher.


My purpose is to make your project easier with the best results. I deliver a really excellent and professional sound from my booth, with a natural and friendly personality.


►European & LatAm Spanish accents jobs.
►Free audio sample (demo) of your script.
►Adapt (in a castilian-to-LatAm or LatAm-to-castilian case) and translate your script.
►Reasonable and competitive prices.
►Professional high quality audio job in any format. Edited & clean.
►24 hours delivery or less in most projects (obviously, it depends on project length ;-))
►Match tone and message to audience.


Born & raised in Spain, I started my voiceover career on radio, TV and professional dubbing studios on 2003. Later, on 2009, I moved to México and leave the mic off for 7 years. On 2017 my wife (wisely) pushed me to continue with my passion. And that was what I did.

I set up my own professional home studio and decide to learn the latin-american spanish accent. At the moment there´s not many voiceovers able to work on both accents. That was a huge challenge for me. But I realized that to speak on the two major spanish accents, it would double my job opportunities. And I was really fascinated with the latin-american voiceovers method!

I was coached by some of the most remarkable LatAm voiceovers: Simone Fojgiel, Verónica Treviño, Olivia Mercenario and Guillermo Urzúa.

Now, I´m able to work for you on booth accents, so you don´t need to hire two VOs for the same job.

It will be my pleasure to know about your project soon!


-Preamp. Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd gen.
-SONY MDR-7506 Headphones
-Adobe Audition CC 2019
-Intel i5 / 16 RAM Gb
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This artist only works with proposal method
1979 Sivas Doğumluyum. Ortaokul, Lise ve Üniversite eğitimim yıllarında Seslendirme ve Radyo programı çalışmalarım oldu. Cumhuriyet Üniversitesi Çalışma Ekonomisi mezunuyum. 5 yıl Rusya , 2 yıl Türkmenistan'da Mali işler Yöneticisi olarak çalıştım. Ankara Başkent İletişim Akademisinde Diksiyon eğitimi ile birlikte Seslendirme ve Dublaj eğitimini tamamladım. Halen uluslararası bir firmada "Finans Müdürü" olarak ve Ankara'da ulusal bir ajansta "Seslendirmen" olarak çalışmaktayım.
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$ 30,00
Starting Price / / Max. Turnaround Time : 20 Hours
2000 li yıllardan beri mikrofon başındayım

This artist only works with proposal method
İstanbul Şehir Tiyatroları oyuncusu. Bilkent Üniversitesi Müzik ve Sahne Sanatları Fakültesi Tiyatro Bölümü mezunu, seslendirme sanatçısı, . Oynadığı oyunlarla pek çok ödülün sahibi. Aynı zamanda dizi ve uluslararası sinema oyuncusu.
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$ 100,00
Starting Price / / Max. Turnaround Time : 24 Hours
Mi nombre es Jonathan Serrano. Soy locutor, actor de doblaje y productor. Me dedico a la locución profesional de spots en radio, internet y televisión. Mi voz es versátil y dispongo de diferentes registros.
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$ 10,00
Starting Price / / Max. Turnaround Time : 24 Hours
I want to get to know your project and what message you want to convey in depth in order to give you the best voice over possible. And I like to perfect every detail of the voice over, from recording to editing, so that you are 100% satisfied with the results. I have a youthful and energetic voice (ideal for this multimedia age in which the largest audience is young people), and versatile. Because of this, I can perform very different voices according to your project needs: teenager, adult, serious, informal, elegant, funny, etc. And I have worked for small companies, and huge brands like Nickelodeon, MTV, Paramount, American Express, Sanex, Activision, Metlife, Spanish Basketball Federation, TicketMaster, Ray-Ban, Amazon, etc. If you have any question, feel free to contact me! And you can find more demos, works and info in my website:
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$ 15,00
Starting Price / / Max. Turnaround Time : 12 Hours
☂︎ 𝕎ith a passion from childhood ☂︎, I have 12 years of voice acting 🎶 experience for the Arabic language as a mother lang. İm doing Documentary, Commercial, Books, and stories voice-over in Turkey, Germany, and Lebanon for more than 5 years♡ معلق صوتي باللغة العربية بخبرة وشغف يتجاوز ال١٠ سنوات, وثائقي٫ سينمائي٫كتب ٫تجاري وغيره
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$ 16,00
Starting Price / / Max. Turnaround Time : 6 Hours
Selamlar! Burak ben, yıllarca tiyatro oyunculuğu yapmış, bugüne kadar aynı zamanda 5 tane ulusal Tv programının, birçok reklam ve videonun dış ses görevini üstlenmiş bir seslendirme sanatçısıyım. Umarım sizin yapacağınız ve emek harcadığınız işlerinizde birlikte çalışma fırsatımız olur. Sevgiler, iyi çalışmalar.
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$ 50,00
Starting Price / / Max. Turnaround Time : 24 Hours
10 yılı aşkın süredir seslendirme ve sunuculuk yapmaktayım.
$ 20,00
Starting Price / / Max. Turnaround Time : 24 Hours
Uzun yıllar radyo spikerliği yaptım. Birçok şiire ve metne ses verdim. Gençlik Spor Bakanlığının düzenlemiş olduğu "Bir Şiir Bir Nefes" adlı yarışmada Türkiye 1'inciliği elde ettim. Kurumsal, epik, dingin, duygusal, enerjik bir ses arıyorsanız başka yere gitmenize gerek yok. Bu platformda sizlere hizmet vermek için bulunmaktayım.
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$ 10,00
Starting Price / / Max. Turnaround Time : 4 Hours
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