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I received my doctorate in 2016 at the Department of English and American Studies in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I have been a professional voiceover interpreter for over 18 years. For 15 years, I regularly collaborated with the national Slovenian television, RTV Slovenija, providing voice overs for the shows Slovenski Magazin in English and Alpe Donava Jadran in Slovenian, recording a total of over 400 episodes. I lend my voice to international corporations such as Disney, Dreamworks, Sony, Unicef, Renault, Peugeot, Volkswagen, as well as domestic companies and institutions such as Petrol, DARS, NLB, Planet TV. As a radio announcer and content producer, I worked on many local and national radio stations, including Primorski Val, Alpski Val, Radio Express and Radio Bob. In my career so far, I have voiced over a thousand radio and television commercials, as well as hundreds of corporate and educational videos. I also taught elocution, speech interpretation and performance at the RTV Education Center and at various language schools at home and abroad.
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Marko is a native Slovenian voice-over artist also fluent in English with a crisp, friendly and approachable vocal style. Voice-over experience focuses on commercial and e-learning projects in both languages. Clients include Pfizer, BMW, Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure, Polleo Sport and Medical Chamber of Slovenia amongst others. Marko also has experience in dubbing work, lending his voice to character animations such as 'Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny' and 'Agent Binky'.
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Boris Car was born in 1980. He started acting in theatre in 2003 and started dubbing and doing voiceover in 2013. Received a national award for his role of Diabetes in Woody Allen's play God. He has vast experience in dubbing for various cartoon channels, such as Slovenian Nickelodeon (official on-air speaker there as well), and many others. He played Mr.Wolf in the animated feature film The Bad Guys. Was the main promotor for the Kransky Sausage (Kranjska klobasa) in several youtube commercials. He recorded over 10 audio books in the last year. He can do a lot of different voices, is a bit of a perfectionist, but always in a good mood and easy to work with. He is looking for new opportunities and wants to branch out a little bit.
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