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I am a voice over artist with years of experience in all types of recordings: advertising, corporate, e-learning, audio books, audio guides, documentaries... I have my own home studio and access to the main professional studios in Madrid (Spain). Versatile and fresh voice. I always guarantee the delivery of the work on time and with the conditions required by the client.
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$ 50,00
Starting Price / / Max. Turnaround Time : 24 Hours
Hiya! I'm JoelD, a good option for a Spanish Conversational Voice Over Artist. If you are looking for a dynamic, close and empathetic sound, I offer a Voice-Over product with strategic vision; a perfect record for voice talent projects. You find me in GMT +2 (Spain). Conversational, hispanic, explainer, commercial or friendly are some of the records that allow me to explore this exciting profession that I enjoy every day. I also love exploring other registers of voice for creating awesome projects in sound branding for explainer videos, commercial ads, e-learning presentations, radiophonic ads, corporate videos, TV promos and more with a natural voice. I'm Bilingual, in Spanish (Iberian) and Catalan (with a beautiful regional accent of Valencia City). I approach each script concisely, with the need to create a sound project that manages to communicate your goals in a calm and frank way. Check the voice demos, the price per word and... set up a new project! I'M READY FOR YOUR CASTING, OR IF YOU HAVE IT CLEAR, BOOK ME NOW! I hope we'll work together to give you a good read that drives your project! ILOFYU! DUYULOFMITU?
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$ 50,00
Starting Price / / Max. Turnaround Time : 24 Hours
I started working professionally with my voice in 2002. My first projects were E-learning courses for pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and AstraZeneca. Since then, I began an unstoppable race and I have recorded Training courses, Corporate Videos, Documentaries, Radio Advertisements, TV spots, Recordings for Theater, Phone Systems and much more. Today I work in recording studios, and also in my own professional studio from which I´ve recorded projects across the five continents.
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$ 50,00
Starting Price / / Max. Turnaround Time : 1 Hours
Los colores de mi voz son ideales para que quien la escucha no olvide el mensaje. Tengo una voz diferente, sugerente y nada común, absolutamente preparada para trabajar diversos formatos : Doblaje, audio libros, documentales, elearning, spots, videojuegos, que son mi especialidad. Estoy en continuo reciclaje, formándome siempre con los mejores profesionales. Trabajando actualmente como actriz de doblaje para NETFLIX y como narradora de audio libros para STORYTEL.ES Cuento con más de 30 años de experiencia en la profesión y dispongo de estudio propio, donde grabo y edito cualquier formato de audio/vídeo. Mi largo recorrido como locutora profesional me ha dado la oportunidad de trabajar para empresas como : RTVE, Radio 3, Cadena Ser, Cadena Dial, Canal Sur, Canal Extremadura TV, Junta de Andalucía, Junta de Extremadura, entre otros, y como narradora de audio libros para la plataforma más importante de Europa He formado parte durante los últimos 4 años del SBO ( Servicio bibliográfico de la ONCE ) con más de 30 títulos grabados. En 2018 comencé a trabajar para NETFLIX como actriz de doblaje, donde continúo realizando diferentes formatos del doblaje. Soy muy versátil y me adapto a las pautas que el cliente marque en cada ocasión. Capaz de sacar adelante las locuciones más complicadas, incluso si contienen palabras, términos o nombres extranjeros. Puedo mejorar textos deficientes y/o traducir a un correcto español guiones para doblaje, documentales y otros. Manejo la edición de audio y vídeo para diferentes formatos: Documentales, doblaje, Audio Libros, Spots, etc.. Puedo comprometerme a entregar trabajos de locución en 24 horas. Dispongo de estudio de grabación propio completamente adaptado e insonorizado.
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$ 90,00
Starting Price / / Max. Turnaround Time : 24 Hours
Hello I'm a spanish voice over artist I work in my own high quality studio.

I stand out in E-learnig, dubbing, video games, characters, and commercials.
If you want audiobooks, audio guides, IVR/Telephone, expliner, documentary, etc you will be satisfied with my job.
Energetic, emocional, corporate, warm, narrative,
English with Spanish accent.
various lenguajes and accents: Spain, Galician, Mexican, Latam.

Working at SDI media and some of my clients are: Bandai, Amazon, Disney, Marvel, Movistar, etc

I love challenges!
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$ 20,00
Starting Price / / Max. Turnaround Time : 24 Hours
Maria is a Multilingual native Spanish female voice over artist. She has a velvety, sophisticated and powerful voice. She is an extremely versatile performer in a variety of styles. Her voice is perfect for corporate, commercial or narration work. Being an English and French linguist, she is also fluent in both languages. She works as a professional multilingual female voice over and she records from her home studio or on location in Barcelona, Bali and other connected cities internationally.

Vocal Range: Medium-Low pitch
Voice quality: smooth, soft, sensual, powerful, calm, deep, elegant, comforting, persuasive, empowering, convincing, informative, friendly, natural, warm, sincere, whispering and dynamic. Versatile voice
Genres: Corporate, E-learning, Commercial, TV/Radio, Narration, Documentary, IVR, Explainer videos, Motion Design, Videogames.
Languages spoken: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Galician, Catalan.
Voice Over Languages: Native Spanish (Castilian) and Galician, LATAM Spanish, Fluent English and French.
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$ 50,00
Starting Price / / Max. Turnaround Time : 24 Hours
I'm Alina, Journalist and Voice artist from Barcelona, Spain. Have more than ten years of experience in Voice Overs, have my own pro studio and always deliver my projects on time.
$ 10,00
Starting Price / / Max. Turnaround Time : 24 Hours
Over 20 years experience as voiceover artist and conference interpreter. As a voiceover artist I have done museum guides, video games, training videos, inflight announcements, promotional videos, etc. As an interpreter I have been the voice interpreting for the different Rear Madrid players during press conferences, prime ministers and presidents (President Santos of Colombia, President Evo Morales of Bolivia, etc)
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$ 15,00
Starting Price / / Max. Turnaround Time : 24 Hours
Hi! I'm Geni, born in 1986 in Asturias, Spain. I've been working as a voice over artist and voice actor since 2019, recording my voice for Internet projects, mostly, such as YouTube docs channels, book trailers and Internet advertising videos. My voice is an energetic young male 18-35 age, perfect for young target or middle age characters. I can modulate it for younger characters, such adolescents, too.
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$ 36,00
Starting Price / / Max. Turnaround Time : 4 Hours
25-40 Years Nice, Kind & Cool Voice. European & LatAm Spanish accent.
Contact me via phone +52 33 1026 3814 (México), [email protected] or through my website


Commercial gigs, a documentary narrator, e-learning trainer, corporate narration... Well, I can be your man, your close friend with an irreverent spark, or your trusted teacher.


My purpose is to make your project easier with the best results. I deliver a really excellent and professional sound from my booth, with a natural and friendly personality.


►European & LatAm Spanish accents jobs.
►Free audio sample (demo) of your script.
►Adapt (in a castilian-to-LatAm or LatAm-to-castilian case) and translate your script.
►Reasonable and competitive prices.
►Professional high quality audio job in any format. Edited & clean.
►24 hours delivery or less in most projects (obviously, it depends on project length ;-))
►Match tone and message to audience.


Born & raised in Spain, I started my voiceover career on radio, TV and professional dubbing studios on 2003. Later, on 2009, I moved to México and leave the mic off for 7 years. On 2017 my wife (wisely) pushed me to continue with my passion. And that was what I did.

I set up my own professional home studio and decide to learn the latin-american spanish accent. At the moment there´s not many voiceovers able to work on both accents. That was a huge challenge for me. But I realized that to speak on the two major spanish accents, it would double my job opportunities. And I was really fascinated with the latin-american voiceovers method!

I was coached by some of the most remarkable LatAm voiceovers: Simone Fojgiel, Verónica Treviño, Olivia Mercenario and Guillermo Urzúa.

Now, I´m able to work for you on booth accents, so you don´t need to hire two VOs for the same job.

It will be my pleasure to know about your project soon!


-Preamp. Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd gen.
-SONY MDR-7506 Headphones
-Adobe Audition CC 2019
-Intel i5 / 16 RAM Gb
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