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Corporate Film, Documentary, Podcast, Audiobook, Phone System Voice, Announcements, Meetings, Presentations, YouTube Channel, Local TV, Local Cinemas, Local Radios, Local Social Media Advertisements, etc. (limited to 1 year)

National Usage ( 1 Year )

Standart Usage Rights + National TV's, National Cinemas, National Radios, National YouTube Advertisement, National Social Media Advertisement, etc. (Limited to 1 year)

International Usage ( 1 Year )

Standart Usage and National Usage Rights + International TV's, International Cinemas, International Radios, International International YouTube Advertisement, International Social Media Advertisement, etc. (Limited to 1 year)

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Includes unlimited usage rights in unlimited areas for an unlimited period of time.

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Additional Take

The artist will deliver the work as 1 version based on the information you provided. If you want alternative readings, you can use this option.

Script Proof Reading

For instance, if you have a script in Chinese and you want the artist to correct the errors while reading the script, you can request them to do so for a fee.

Split Files

Artists submit their work to you in a single file. If you want this voice over to be split into pieces, you can purchase this service. For example; you may request the voice over of all numbers from 1 to 100, but you may want to receive all the numbers as separate files.


You may want the voice over you purchased to be synchronized with your film. For example; you have a film featuring someone speaking in a foreign language and you want dubbing.

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