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Standart Usage Rights + National TV's, National Cinemas, National Radios, National YouTube Advertisement, National Social Media Advertisement, etc.


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Standart Usage and National Usage Rights + International TV's, International Cinemas, International Radios, International International YouTube Advertisement, International Social Media Advertisement, etc.


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The artist will deliver the work as 1 version based on the information you provided. If you want alternative readings, you can use this option.

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Your chosen Licensed Music will be mixed by the support team after you approve your voice over project and delivered to you in its final form.

Script Proof Reading

For instance, if you have a script in Chinese and you want the artist to correct the errors while reading the script, you can request them to do so for a fee.


Split Files

Artists submit their work to you in a single file. If you want this voice over to be split into pieces, you can purchase this service. For example; you may request the voice over of all numbers from 1 to 100, but you may want to receive all the numbers as separate files.



You may want the voice over you purchased to be synchronized with your film. For example; you have a film featuring someone speaking in a foreign language and you want dubbing.


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