Clinton Welburn

Clinton Welburn is well known in the voice acting community. Clinton Welburn uses the highest quality equipment for the best results.

Completed Project(s) 331
Sample Audio File(s) 120
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About The Voice Artist

I aim to bring your work to life in the way you want it to be!

Great voice and fast turnaround. Exactly what we needed.


Love the voice - perfect for our project. Greatly appreciate the fast turn around, too!


I'm Super happy with the overall experiences. Really great job overall! Thanks.


Excellent work! All instructions were followed to the letter. The challenge was our Dutch name in our English recording. Sending along a recorded example of the pronounciation works great!


Perfect! Just what I was looking for.


This was done very well and amazingly fast. I'm so glad I found VoiceBunny, and we will be using this site again!


Great job! Thank you for all the revisions. We really appreciate it.


Just what we were looking for. Thanks again-


Sounds great and lots to work with.


Muchisimas gracias muy buen trabajo y efectivo en tiempo


Fast and Professional!


After the revision, the recording is exactly what we need! His voice inflection is precisely what we were looking for to create a powerful emotional experience for the viewers of our project.


Thank you very much for this new recording: it is great because it is dynamic / energetic enought, without overdoing it / overplaying. Nice! Regards.


Clinton was a terrific voice actor for the role, with wonderful quality of work and willingness to adjust his talent based on what we needed. We also sincerely appreciate his patience, since our requests continued to change as we progressed. Many thanks!


¡Amazing! so fast and profesional, thanks a lot.


Well worth the money. I was slightly skeptical at first about paying close to $100 for a voice recording but upon receiving my voice sample, I had no more doubts. The turnaround was extremely quick - both times - (I requested a slight modification). I really feel that this voice over will make my business sound more professional and perfectly pair up with my new marketing video. Thanks!


Nice readings!


Great recording. It's what I expected and really appreciate the quick turn around time. Sounds professional, positive and it will definitely enhance our video. Thanks!


Amazing! Thanks so much. Prompt, takes direction well, highly recommended.


As mentioned before in other sources of feedback, we were pleased with the quality of customer service that we received and fully satisfied with our VA's work. However, it is frustrating to not be able to interact directly with the VAs, as we've had much more efficient and effective experiences when being able to do so through other VA sites.


great response time always and very satisfied with the result!


Awesome & fast. thank you!


Outstanding work, very quick and responsive to revisions. Highly recommended.


Perfect! Both speed and quality.


Really fast and professionnal voice. Thank you for correcting some sentences by adding a word sometimes and providing a version with the corrected sentence, and the initial sentence. Thanks for this delivery and have a Merry Christmas.


This is excellent & fantastic. I love this work.


I really appreciate the work and am delighted that the first cut of the project is approved saving a lot time for revision.


Just perfect!


Excellent empathy and quality job


The level of commitment to getting the right tone for the character was great, we really appreciate it!


Very nice work.


Loved the whole experience. On VoiceBunny's side of things, the service was super easy to use and the range of options was great; on the Bunny Pro, he was super accessible, doing great work and following our instructions upon our revisions. All in all, super effective and efficient.


Perfect job and super quick turnaround.


Excellent work. Extremely fast turnaround time.


Great job! Perfect.


Not bad for my first trial with u bunnies. Thumbs up. Fast response.


Great work from this voice talent. He was very responsive for my request and had great turn around time. 5 ***** Stars all the way!!!!


Perfect! I am extremely impressed


I aim to bring your work to life in the way you want it to be!