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You can quickly find a suitable voice over artist from thousands of them by using advanced filtering options that match your project and budget.

In All Languages

The artists listed on VoiceBros are integrated into the system by VoiceBros from various countries, after meeting the required conditions. Only about 3% of the applications are able to enter the system based on the results of the tests.

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Creating an order on VoiceBros is very easy. Enter your script, provide a description, and get started with the "Quick Order" button.

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If you have a special project or are not satisfied with the price, the 'Request Quote' button will help you solve the problem. For example, you can negotiate a long-term fixed price agreement for a project with multiple sections or make a price proposal to the artist.


The entire process is carried out under the VoiceBros guarantee. Your order will still be delivered to you through the system. You can accept it, request revisions, or reject the order and get a refund.


VoiceBros values collaboration with artists who specialize in voice acting and has quotas for specific regions. Therefore, continuity and speed are essential for the artists. This means they are always accessible through the system.


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Quality Control

With our quality guarantee, the quality of voice over work obtained through the VoiceBros portal is absolutely assured. Only artists meeting specific criteria are accepted into our system. Additionally, we conduct regular checks to maintain our quality standards and make necessary adjustments when needed.
We are committed to meeting our clients' expectations and consistently delivering the highest quality voice over services. At VoiceBros, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we continually strive to improve our quality.